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Is MetaQuotes Language 5.

It is the name of the company provider of The trading Platform called MetaTrader 4, based in Russia, and provide access to about 4000 brokers to traders and Investors worldwide.

Also, all the Brokers are registered members of MQL5 and has MetaTrader 4 platform access from their individual websites.

MQL5 has a personal website that metamorphised from MQL4. The website is:

My membership:

In this MQL5 website above, registered members could do the following:

1. Buy a choiced Robot(s)
Robots are also called Expert Advisor, which are softwares or computer machines that trade for both novince and amateur traders when installed in your computer.

You must make sure that you buy rated ones which has been tested and approved.

2. Copy Signal
You can choose a successful trader, whose signal is making profit and pay a subscription fee for his profits to be duplicated in your own as he or she trades.

You just go and sleep while profit is being raked into your account.

3. Sell Signal
You can also sell your own signal. When traders and investors find out you are trading well, they will pay you and subscribe to your trading signal.

This one gives a hale of money if your trading is profitable and attractive.

4. Buy or Sell Trader and Investors books and Magazines.

5. Make Friends with traders and Investors worldwide.

6. Widen your scope on trade and Investment

7. Join Forums of traders and Investors worldwide. Etc.

Finally, do you know that every 9.30am (GMT+1), Mon - Friday, BBC and CTV broadcast business news involving traders and investors? Check it.

For questions or assistance, welcome!

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