Market Orders 

Market Orders are Commands used to Enter or execute forex trade. It's either you BUY or SELL Instantaneously to make Profit.

Note that we have 3 types of Orders (trade entry) in Metatrader 4 platform:
1. Market Order
2. Limit Order
3. Stop Order

These 3 orders, are used to Enter or execute forex trade for different reasons.

1. Market Order
It's called Instant Order or Market Execution. You click either BUY or SELL to enter or start trading.

Market Order are mainly applied when a trader is 100% sure of the market direction. It means that the trader has facts for choosing the BUY or the SELL!

Since Forex Trade is not a gambling business, as a trader, you have to be sure of the move (speculation) you make at every trade entry. The use of Economic Calendar plays more on this order.

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