Topic: The Importance of Brokers in Forex Trade.

Brokers are companies that link a Forex trader or the Investor to the Forex Global Market. Brokers are  many in number to mention.

Some Example of Genuine Brokers
1. FxPro
2. Avatrade
3. Windsorbrokers
4. XM
5. Nordfx
(I have made trade with this ones at a point in time where I deposited money with them and did withdrawal at some point in time and they paid me.)

Brokers are registered entities and can be sued in the law court, if they go contrary to the code of conduct of the market. The fact of being sued makes them protect their clients, i.e the trader.

Brokers are important in the following ways:

1. Without them you cannot trade forex with Real money for profit making.

2. They register you to become connected to the financial world.

3. They take your real money you invested through them, and put it in the central purse (liquidity) of the whole world for you to trade and make profit.

4. The genuine brokers are mindful of their clients and protect their interests and Identity.

5. They provide a trader platforms, to trade with U.S Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pounds and a lot of other currencies.

6. They allow a registered trader with them to deposit cash and withdraw cash and profit with ease.

7. Some of them give you bonus during deposit thereby increasing your capital for trading.

8. They call you on phone with their airtime to offer assistance to you, when the need arises, without charging you. They email you with success tips of Forex. Infact they are mostly white people.

9. They have secured online platform. All your business with them are done under customized platform in your name and Identity.

10. They have demo (virtual and Real Accounts.

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