Demo (virtual) trading using Economic Calendar 3

How to Manage Wrong Speculation into profitability?

May I inform you that wrong speculation can be turned into profitability if you manage the apparent loss properly as I informed you before.

The demo trade we did on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 by 10 am was a wrong speculation and that affected our trade with loss.

I told those of you following me to stop your trade. But I myself managed the wrong speculation into profitability.This is what trade meant.
If everyone just speculate and make profit, then why do people shy away from Forex trade? It's because Forex Trade is a business that need a skill.

People fail in Forex Trade because they don't want to do business, they want free money.

How did I made profit after the wrong trade?

I set a SELL STOP against the BUY. SELL STOP is a trading tool in our platform that commands my broker to SELL the EURUSD.

This means that as the loss continued in my trade, he should stop the loss and as well make profit for me in the SELL direction.

This is the sweetness of Forex Trade. You must know what you are doing. You must be confident in your self to turn the loss into profit.

The truth was that I turned wrong speculation to a trade that ended in profit.

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