Demo (virtual) trading using Economic Calendar 2

Subtopic: Did We made Profit from Tuesday 10am Trade?

Answer is NO.
Question: Why?
Because, my speculation was wrong.

Go back to the Economic Calendar
Remember to set it again to GMT +1.

The speculation I made with the forcast made by the analyst was wrong. The forecast was 2.5 from Previous 0.5.

But the actual reading became 0.5. That is a standstill speculation.

Now what should I and you supposed to have done?

Answer: We could have waited untill the actual reading was provided by the market before deciding.

The market has gone to SELL due to other economy that played.

All hope is still good. Now if you followed me in this trade. What you should do is to stop the trade because of the wrong speculation.

I will continue the trade untill I turn the loss into profit. Wait and See.

That is the sweetness of Forex Trade.

Now we have to look for another economic calendar we shall trade again.

So be patient with me to do the magic of turning loss into profit.

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