Can I loose money in Forex Trade?

Let us reason out the answer from the following live events:

1. Can I fail my exam?
Yes, if I didn't prepare very well

2. Can I become hungry?
Yes, if I have not eating food.

3 . Can I make mistake?
Yes, as a human being.

4. Can I kill a mosquito?
Yes, if I see one.

5. Can I Sit down?
Yes, if I want.

6. Can I Cry?
Yes, if am moved to.

7. Can I eat good food?
Yes, if I payed for one.

From the following, it's apparent, that the answer is YES, because of reasons and causes.

So, I will tell you that you can loose your real money in forex trade, if you are not properly INFORMED AND ENLIGHTENED.

Many wealthy men in the world trade forex directly or indirectly.

But please don't rush to make profit in Forex otherwise you will regret it.

It's like someone who is learning vehicle for the first time and wanted to drive the vehicle without a guide, or a learner who has not learned  car very well and goes to drive on his own.

You can imagine the risk such a person is taking to crash with the car. Many people have crashed in Forex Trading today, because they are in hurry to get quick money. Be warned.

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