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(Updated 09/11/2018; 9.40am GMT+1)

Invest             Interest         Return
N10,000          15%/Month   N11,500         
N25,000          15%/Month   N28,750
N50,000          15%/Month   N57,500
N100,000        15%/Month   N115,000
N200,000        20% 2Mons   N240,000
N500,000        20%/3Mons   N600,000
N1,000,000     20%/6Mons   N1,200,000
N5,000,000     20%/9Mons   N6,000,000
N10,000,000   20% 1yr         N12,000,000

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Our Testimonies:
As a portfolio manager, these are those that has invested in our company and were Payed back there loan with there interest rate apprioprately. It's a mutual benefit!

- Chukwudi - +2349060065106 
          (3rd Investment)

- Branch Company (10th Investment)
- Paylater (5th Investment)
- AellaCredit (7th Investment)
- FairMoney  (6th Investment)
- Quickcheck (4th Investment)

Call them and ask about Ladail Services faithfulness with our email:

Now we have set our own interest rate to pay as proposed. Choose how much to invest above. We don't disappoint. We are passionate of what we are doing. What are you waiting for?

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Investing in Dollar Dawning...

     Invest         Interest              Return
     $100            15%/Month         $115
     $500            15%/2Month       $575
     $1000          15%/3Month       $1150
     $5000          15%/6Month       $5750
     $10000        15% 7Month       $11150
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"Our System is STRONG, RELIABLE and ensures prompt Payment. Give us a try Today!"

'Sincerity in Services'

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