What is PAMM?
PAMM means Percent Allocation Money Management or Percent Allocation Management Module.

If you are an investor that wishes to invest your money to be managed by a manager to trade for you and make profit for you, then you will register with the broker of your manager.

The broker receives your money from you and then transfer it to the account of your manager and assign you a percentage of your profit which is equivalent with the money you invested.

When ever a profit is made from your money and that of other investors, the percentage of the money you deposited will be automatically yours.

Other investors, who invested will also collect the percentage profit of their deposit from the same PAMM Account.

One PAMM Account can accommodate as many investors that the Manager wishes.

It is noteworthy that Investors don't interfare in the business of making money for them rather are waiting for their profit which they withdraw from time to time.

They can decide to reinvest their profit by which their percentage will increase as well.

The PAMM Account Manager who make profits for Investors receives percentage from the profit he made for investors, then if he made an investment in the same PAMM Account he manages, he also receives the percentage profit of his deposit.

There are those who also get benefits from PAMM Accounts. Thay are called Partners.

Partners receive certain percentage from the profit made from PAMM ACCOUNT. They refer investors to a PAMM Account thereby getting a stipulated percentage of  profits made in the trade.

So, a Broker, a Manager, an Investor, and a Partner all benefits from PAMM Account.

Let's give an example with the following diagram below.

Investors Deposit to PAMM Account

Investor A  deposited $30,000 (30%)
Investor B   deposited $  5,000 (5%)
Investor C deposited $15,000  (15%)
Investor D deposited $50,000 (50%)

TOTAL from investors TO PAMM Account which Manager uses to trade is
=                                   $100,000 (100%).

The manager now made a profit of $12,500 at a particular period for the investors.

He has stipulated 20% of the profit for his charges for trading on their behalf, probably with that of his partners, being 20/100*12,500 = $2,500

Then, $12,500 -$2,500 = $10,000 will be shared to the investors according to their percentage deposit.

Investors Profit Sharing of the $10,000
A 30% = $3,000
B 5%   = $500
C 15% = $1,500
D 50% = $5,000

That's the explanation.

Their are many PAMM Account managers you can find with many brokers but you must make a wise selection of those who will not only make profit for you, but can preserve your capital.

An investor can decide to collect back his capital at any time.

In summary PAMM Account is an investment service that give investors the chance to make money without trading themselves in forex and allow managers to earn additional income for managing clients account.

To invest in my PAMM Account:

1. Open An Account  with GAINSY BROKER by clicking

2. Fill in your Personal details to register with the broker.

3. After you are through with the brokers.

4. Login to your GAINSY account and click on PAMM Investment


6. Search for ladail and click on it


8. Under PAMM INVESTMENT, Click on ladail under the user.

9. Type the Amount you are investing to my PAMM at INVESTMENT AMOUNT.

10. Check the box on Client and PAMM agreement and click on INVEST.
Follow the prompts!

N.B If you already had account with GAINSY, just follow from No. 4-10.
Also, you must have funded your GAINSY account before you invest in my PAMM Account.

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